Light In The Darkness

No one in this world can escape experiencing pain. Pain is an inevitable part of life. Some people seem to get more than their fair share of it though. I thought I knew pain before…but I knew nothing about what true pain was. In the midst of our most painful moment we have to answer a question. Will the pain win? Or will we find a way to illuminate the darkness?

I used to hear people say “trouble don’t last long, trouble don’t last always.” But in this case- this pain will last a lifetime. Sometimes it’s like that. We have to accept the fact that we will live the rest of our lives with pain. But that doesn’t mean we have to live in pain. This isn’t exclusive to grief and trauma. People with certain conditions like multiple sclerosis, arthritis & CTE must accept that they will live with pain but they don’t have to live a life of suffering.

The pain is now a part of who they are. But some people with the same pain will respond to it differently.

Some people will let the pain ruin their lives. Some will let the pain run their lives.

What do I mean by let the pain run our lives?

I mean when we don’t try to sweep it to the side as if it never happened. We dive deep into the darkness of pain and learn the lessons that it has come into our lives to teach us. Let the pain be our companion, our guide, walking hand in hand toward our true selves.

Pain is life's powerful teacher.

In my experience I learned how little I truly understood about anything before pain invaded my life.