Beauty From Ashes

We marvel at all the beautiful things God has created...the sky, flowers, mountains, oceans.

We travel the earth in awe of the beauty it possesses and sometimes are even brought to tears!

But God never commanded the angels to bow to the sun, the moon, the trees or the ocean.

He commanded the angels to prostrate to His greatest creation...the human.

We walk past each other indifferent, not recognizing the light...the essence of God that exists in each of our fellow beings.

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself."

The first part of this verse is something I think we all have tried to embrace but I think many of us overlook the importance of the 2nd part...

"And your neighbor as yourself" can also be interpreted as "And your neighbor as your child" or "And your neighbor's child as your own child." We love our children endlessly and are ready to leave this earth because they did but our work is not finished. There are other people here who need what God has placed within us. Our love for our people can reignite our will to live. Suffering is what qualifies us to serve. But we don't have to live a life of perpetual suffering. Like the Phoenix we can emerge from the flames transformed- made anew, serving a purpose only possible because of the beauty we found in the ashes.

We are all flesh and blood, children of the Most High, created in His likeness. I see the divine light in everyone I meet and feel true love for everyone. My newfound understanding of the soul lets me know that there are people in my soul family that may not be in my "earthly" family. My family is not confined to flesh and blood. There are women I had never met who walked through the flames with me and helped me discover my wings, fellow grievers who are now family.